Asphalt Pricing & Locations


  • Project Name: I-485 Express Lanes
  • Location: 11151 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Project Type: Design-BuildPublicRoadways
  • Status: Ongoing

I-485 Express Lanes

Preparations are underway this spring for the scheduled start of the I-485 project. One of the largest design-build projects in Blythe’s company history, it carries a contract value of $346 million and is expected to take roughly three years to complete.

The I-485 project is the latest of many collaborations between Blythe and the WSP design firm. The complete work site stretches 18.2 miles along the existing I-485, from Westinghouse Blvd to around Independence Blvd. The main objective of the project is to create high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes along that entire stretch or roadway. In addition, crews will install 17 structures, 15.3 miles of new sound wall, and a new center median access at Johnston Rd.

The proposed express lanes on I-485 would connect with proposed express lanes on nearby U.S. 74 (Independence Boulevard), resulting in a seamless network of express lanes in southern Mecklenburg County that would improve traffic flow and provide reliable travel times.